Voyage Surprise: Qui Découvrira le Mystère de l’Europe en Train?

Get Ready, Set, DiscoverEU! 5000 lucky youngsters gearing up from April 16th.

Who wouldn’t want the chance to travel around Europe, soaking up the diversity, heritage, and cultural splendour of our rich continent? Sounds enticing—almost sounds like an all-inclusive paid vacation from your parents, doesn’t it? But wait, this isn’t your parents, it’s better… it’s DiscoverEU!

Bracing Up for a Slice of European Adventure

DiscoverEU is all primed from April 16th to propel 5000 youngsters on a journey of exploration, adventure, and not to forget, age-old history. Forget about that boring summer job, here’s your chance to live, learn and enjoy Europe in the truest sense. Just make sure to pack a pair of comfortable shoes!

Travel, Treasure… Trains?!

Yes, you read that right, the DiscoverEU isn’t just about laying around beaches in Spain or eating waffles in Belgium. It’s largely about trains, interconnecting trains, those who take you on an unforgettable ride through Europe. Trains, the unsung heroes of European exploration, where would we be without them? Well, a lot closer to home, that’s for sure!

Prepping up to be the Lucky One!

So, you may ask, « What should I do to be selected for this great European adventure? » Simple, do your best to be among the lucky 5000. Just make sure to have a valid passport, and a sense of adventure, and leave the rest to us.

We Dare You to DiscoverEU!

To those young hearts out there brimming with the need to learn, the desire to explore, and the courage to step out of their comfort zone, DiscoverEU dares you all! Come embark on this beautiful journey across Europe. We promise, it won’t be anything short of unforgettable!