Qui est le premier élève de l’Yonne à entrer en médecine PASS?

Beginnings of a Medical Journey in Auxerre

New Students, New Opportunities

A life hallmark was witnessed on September 1st at Auxerre. 34 enthusiastic students began their academic journey in the Parcours d’Accès Spécifique Santé (PASS). Their dedication and bright-eyed optimism add a fresh vibrancy to the academic atmosphere in the hallowed halls of the Auxerre Institute of Technology (IUT) – now virtually connected to the Dijon campus. And so, the drumroll of distant learning begins!

The Virtual Red Carpet

The joys of education are often tied to the traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, a fact our IUT students are well aware of. Nonetheless, these ambitious individuals are taking learning to a digital level, comfortably from their homes. The sound of virtual keyboards clicking in unison is the new symphony of academic diligence, echoing through the cyberspace between Auxerre and Dijon.

Embracing the New Normal

In a pre-Covid-19 world, the buzz of students swapping notes and excited chit-chat over steaming coffee cups often preceded examinations. Fast forward to today, our young scholars have had to adapt to various changes including swapping coffee shop debates for lively video conference discussions. They’ve certainly traded their trainers for slippers, but rest assured, their dedication remains steadfast.

Learning Resilience, Building the Future

From Auxerre to Dijon, these students represent the future of medicine and their passion for their field is truly infectious (pun intended). Through their experience learning from home, they are also learning valuable skills of adaptability and resilience, preparing them for a future where digital technology will likely play an even bigger role. Who knows, they may end up writing prescriptions for virtual chicken soup to cure future ailments!